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There Are Lots Of Ways To Make Your Practice Better

You can read books, hire consultants, go to business programs or just find out the hard way through trial and error. But let’s be honest; you signed up to be an orthodontist and with things like overhead, staffing, marketing and financial management, nobody told you how hard it would be to be a business owner. The good news is that you’re not alone. Many of your peers feel the same way which is why our tribe mentality is so effective.

RD Benefits

Our private OrthopreneursRD group will give you a platform where you can share challenges, connect with peers and get solutions for leadership, management, and business issues.

Dr. Krieger is an active moderator who brings ideas to the group with regular frequency, so you’re sure to find group solutions to make your practice better.

Like anything else, the more you put in, the more you will surely get out, and the group succeeds when many are involved. Remember that regional exclusivity means you’re the only one in your area with access to the practice pearls the group comes up with. Every member signs a non-disclosure agreement when they join the group so that everyone can feel comfortable sharing their best ideas knowing that they stay within the group.

"Most Orthodontists have solo practices, but the days of practicing alone are in the past."

-Dr. Glenn Krieger

Your Membership Includes

Access to our Facebook group of peers who take a personal interest in your success.

Monthly group webinars with amazing business and clinical leaders.

Annual cruise or "destination meeting" with spouses or significant others.

FREE unlimited access to ALL OP University courses (Live and On-Demand) for your and your whole team.

Exclusive, in-person CE events 4-6 times per year with top speakers.

Special discounts & extra programming for the annual Orthopreneurs Summit.

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From RD Members

Dr. Kyle Fagala
Dr. Mark Clauss
Dr. Sebastian Paige
Dr. Brittany Stroope
Dr. Lou Chmura
Dr. Marty Greenberg
Dr. Akasha Pandya
Dr. Julian Davila
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