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RD Prospective Members FAQs

Check out our FAQs to answer any of your questions.  

 What is Orthopreneurs RD?

Orthopreneurs RD is a premier mastermind group specifically designed for orthodontists. It provides a platform for professional growth, networking, and sharing best practices within the orthodontic community.


Who can join Orthopreneurs RD?

Orthopreneurs RD is open to all practicing orthodontists who are looking to elevate their practice, improve patient care, and connect with like-minded professionals.


RD Stands for Regional Dominance. Only one Ortho per geographical area is allowed.


What are the benefits of joining Orthopreneurs RD?

Members of Orthopreneurs RD gain access to exclusive content, in-depth discussions, personalized coaching, and a supportive community of peers. Because membership is limited to one practice per region, you can freely ask and give advice without concern about your competition accessing the information shared. The group also offers special events, webinars, and collaborative opportunities to enhance your practice.


How often do Orthopreneurs RD meetings take place?

Orthopreneurs RD meetings are held regularly throughout the year, both in-person and virtually. These meetings include mastermind sessions, workshops, and networking events.


What topics are covered in Orthopreneurs RD sessions?

Sessions cover a wide range of topics relevant to orthodontic practice, including clinical techniques, business management, marketing strategies, patient care, and personal development.


How do I become a member of Orthopreneurs RD?

To become a member, you can apply through the Orthopreneurs RD website. The application process includes providing information about your practice location and professional background. We will check that your practice region is available.


Is there a membership fee for Orthopreneurs RD?

Yes, there is a membership fee for Orthopreneurs RD. The fee covers access to all group resources, events, and personalized coaching sessions. Specific fee details are available on the website.


Can I attend a meeting before deciding to join?

Prospective members may have the opportunity to attend a meeting or event as a guest to experience the value of Orthopreneurs RD firsthand. Contact us for more details on attending as a guest.


What makes Orthopreneurs RD different from other professional groups?

Orthopreneurs RD stands out due to its focus on practical, actionable insights tailored for orthodontists. The community-driven approach and emphasis on both professional and personal growth make it unique.


Are there any requirements for maintaining membership in Orthopreneurs RD?

Members are encouraged to actively participate in group discussions, attend meetings, and contribute to the community. Continuous engagement helps maximize the benefits of the membership.


How can Orthopreneurs RD help my practice grow?

Through expert advice, peer support, and access to cutting-edge practices, Orthopreneurs RD helps members implement effective strategies, improve patient outcomes, and increase practice efficiency.


What kind of support can I expect as a member?

Members receive ongoing support through regular meetings, one-on-one coaching, and a vibrant online community where they can ask questions, share experiences, and get feedback from peers and experts. Additionally, a personal concierge service with dedicated staff is available to help with questions, verify access, and assist with all things membership-related.


Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Membership terms and conditions, including cancellation policies, are detailed on the Orthopreneurs RD website. Please review these policies or contact us for more information.


Are there opportunities for leadership within Orthopreneurs RD?

Yes, members have the chance to take on leadership roles within the group, such as leading discussions, organizing events, or contributing to group content.

How can I get more information about Orthopreneurs RD?

For more information, contact our support team at We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide additional details about the group.

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